BioSim™ Infliximab (Remsima®)(Human) ELISA Kit

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Infliximab (Remsima®) is a chimeric monoclonal antibody and used to treat auto-immune disorders. Infliximab reduces the amount of active human tumor necrosis factor alpha (hTNFα) in the body by binding to it and preventing it from signaling the receptors for TNFα on the surface of various cell types. Infliximab is used for the trea™ent of psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis. In controlled trials, clinical response rates of 20-40% have been achieved with above-mentioned regimens in Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis. However, the therapeutic benefits must be balanced against the risk of a variety of severe adverse events such as severe infections including tuberculosis, hepatotoxicity, infusion reactions, serum sickness-like disease and lymphoma. BioSim™ Infliximab ELISA kit has been developed for specific quantification of Infliximab concentration in human serum or plasma with high sensitivity and reproducibility.

Alternate Name: N/A

Tag Line: A Sandwich ELISA kit for the quantitative measurement of Infliximab in human serum or plasma.

Summary: • Detection method- Absorbance (450 nm) • Species reactivity- Human • Application- quantitative measurement of Infliximab in human serum and plasma

Detection Method: Absorbance (450 nm)

Sample Type: Human serum and plasma

Species Reactivity: Human

Applications: This ELISA kit is used for quantitative measurement of Golimumab in human serum and plasma

Features & Benefits: • Easy, convenient, sensitive and time-saving method to measure the level of Infliximab in human serum and plasma. • Detection Range: 100 - 3000 ng/ml • Sensitivity: 30 ng/ml • Assay Precision: Intra-Assay: CV < 15%; Inter-Assay: CV < 15% (CV (%) = SD/mean X 100) • Recovery rate: 85 – 115% with normal human serum samples with known concentrations • Cross Reactivity: Except for the other therapeutic anti-TNF antibodies such as etanercept (Enbrel®) and/or adalimumab (Humira®) with which cross reaction might occur to some extends, there is no cross reaction with native serumimmunoglobulin.

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