DiscoveryPak™ Epigenetic Modulators Set III

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24 modulators
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gel pack
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36 months
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A convenient set of twenty-four (24) small molecule modulators useful in epigenetics research. Each set contains 5 mg each of IOX2 (Cat. No. 9451), SGC-CBP30 (Cat. No. 9554), GSK2801 (Cat. No. 9553), PFI-3 (cat. No. 2895), SGC0946 (Cat. No. 2448), UNC1999 (Cat. No. 2449), UNC0642 (Cat. No. 2862), PFI-2 (Cat. No. B1259), GSK-LSD1 (Cat. No. B1258), IOX1 (Cat. No. 2266), olaparib (Cat. No. 1952); 1 mg each of I-CBP112 (Cat. No. 9405), (+)-JQ1 (Cat. No. 2070), PFI-1 (Cat. No. 2203), C646 (Cat. No. 1948), LAQ824 (Cat. No. 2634), LLY-507 (Cat. No. B1111), GSK343 (Cat. No. 2281), UNC0638 (Cat. No. 1933), GSKJ4 (Cat. No. 2762), A-366 (Cat. No. 2859), UNC1215 (Cat. No. 2252), and 10 mg of CI-994 (Cat. No. 1742).

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Appearance: Lyophilized solids

Appearance: N/A

Appearance: See under individual products

Appearance: See under individual products

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Handling: Protect from air and light

Country of Origin: USA

Tag Line: An epigenetic modulators set

MDL Number: N/A

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Category: Biochemicals

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