BugDisc™ Nitrocefin Disc

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Beta-Lactamases (βLs), are hydrolases expressed in Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. When those bacteria encounter β-lactam antibiotics which contain the four atom ring-structure, they secrete βLs and hydrolyze these compounds. Antibiotics containing β-lactam rings (i.e. penicillin, cephalosporin, monobactam, carbapenem) are highly susceptible to be hydrolyzed via enzymatic activity, which deactivates their antibiotic potency. βLs are a significant clinical threat because of the bacterial strains with β-lactam antibiotic resistance. Resistance in gram-negative organisms may be caused by chromosomally or plasmid-mediated β-lactamases, and there is an increase in antibiotic resistance in bacteria in both community infections or hospital acquired infections. BioVision’s Nitrocefin Discs offer a simple and sensitive assay that can detect the presence of β-lactamase enzymatic activity. The qualitative detection test is based on the hydrolysis of Nitrocefin, a yellow-colored β-Lactamase substrate impregnated into a filter paper disc. Upon incubation with β-lactamase producing bacteria and cleavage of Nitrocefin, the product cephalosporanic acid is produced and turns the filter paper red. A negative result is indicated by a lack of color change on the filter paper. The test is simple, requires no additional reagents and will yield reliable results in 5 minutes or less!

Sort Name: Nitrocefin Disc

Taglines: Quick, easy testing of bacterial colonies for the detection of β-Lactamase

Product Highlights: • Easy, ready-to use discs • Results in less than 10 min • No special equipment, no calibrators needed

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