HiFidelity™ DNA Polymerase

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Biovision's HiFidelity™ DNA Polymerase™ is a strategically-engineered Polymerase which has exceptional sensitivity and can amplify even the most difficult templates. It sets new standards for sensitive, robust and high-fidelity PCR performance. HiFidelity™ DNA Polymerase has ultra-low error rates (over 1,000X less than Taq polymerase) making it incredibly useful for a variety of PCR applications demanding high fidelity, including Next Generation Sequencing or molecular cloning.

Sort Name: HiFidelity™ DNA Polymerase

Taglines: Next Generation high-fidelity Taq Polymerase

Product Highlights: Superior Performance,Suitable for long range PCR up to 18 kb from less difficult targets or up to 15 kb from genomic DNA,Fast, versatile high-fidelity PCR,High Sensitivity

Label Name: HiFidelity™ DNA Polymerase

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