EZQuant™ RNA Quantification Kit II

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BioVision’s EZQuant™RNA Quantification Kit II is used for the sensitive and accurate quantification for RNA. The kit is highly selective for RNA in the presence of DNA and offers advantages in stability, linear dynamic range, and sensitivity over other traditional methods of RNA quantification. The kit contains a quantification reagent, dilution buffer and RNA standards. The quantification reagent is diluted using the buffer and added to samples. The fluorescence is read at an excitation and emission wavelength of 620 nm and 660 nm respectively. The linear detection range is 20-1000 ng RNA. The assay can be adapted for use in microplates, tubes or cuvettes. Common contaminants such as proteins, salts, solvents, detergents, or free nucleotides do not interfere with this assay.

Alternate Name: RNA Quantification Kit; Broad Range RNA estimation Kit; RNA estimation Kit; RNA fluorescence Assay Kit

Tag Line: Broad range detection of RNA

Summary: Fluorescence based quantification of a broad range of RNA

Detection Method: Detection Method: RNA is quantified using a fluorescence based assay

Sample Type: RNA

Species Reactivity: N/A

Applications: An ideal tool for accurate quantification of RNA (20-1000 ng)

Features & Benefits: Simple, one-step, results in 30 min or less,Signal is stable for 3 h,Broad range of detection and Ready-to-use,Does not detect DNA

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