EZScreen™ Lactate Colorimetric Assay Kit (384 Well)

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Abnormal high concentration of lactate in blood has been related to many important diseases such as diabetes and lactate acidosis. Elevated Lactate concentration in blood is also associated with shock, post cardiac arrest, tissue ischemia, thiamine deficiency, liver disorder, mitochondrial diseases and many more. Therefore detection and quantitation of lactate in from blood is a diagnostic key for several diseases. BioVision’s EZScreen™ Lactate Colorimetric Assay Kit uses an enzyme mix which reacts with L-Lactate specifically. D-Lactate does not react with the enzyme mix. The enzymatic reaction with L-lactate produces a product that generates a color (OD= 590 nm) when reacts with the Lactate probe. The formed product is directly proportional to the amount of L-Lactate present in the sample. The method is quantitative, rapid, simple, sensitive, and designed for high throughput format. The kit provides a convenient means for detecting 0.5 to 5 mM Lactate in biological samples such as in blood, blood circulation, in cells, in culture media, in fermentation media etc. in 384 HTP format

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Tag Line: Highly Sensitive, no sample preparation required

Summary: • Detection method- Absorbance (590 nm) • Species reactivity- Mammalian • Applications- The kit detects 0.5-500 µM lactate samples

Detection Method: N/A

Sample Type: Cell and tissue culture supernatants, urine, plasma and serum, as well as many other biological fluids and growth medium

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Features & Benefits: • Simple procedure; takes ~40 minutes • Fast and convenient • Kit provides all necessary buffers and reagents for a accurate assay of lactate in various mammalian samples.

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