PicoProbe™ D-Lactate Fluorometric Assay Kit

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D-Lactate is the result of anaerobic glycolysis by microorganisms in the gastrointestinal system, and the product of detoxification of methylglyoxal by the glyoxalase system. The presence of abnormal levels of D-Lactate has been linked to a series of pathological conditions, such as diabetes, and appendicitis. BioVision’s PicoProbeTM D-Lactate Assay kit offers simplicity, sensitivity, and can be adapted to high-throughput research. The assay enzymatically oxidizes D-Lactate generating a fluorescent signal (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm). The signal is directly proportional to the amount of D-Lactate. The assay kit can detect samples containing as low as 0.1 µM D-Lactate.

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Tag Line: The most sensitive kit on the market

Summary: • Detection method- Fluorescence (Ex/Em= 535/587 nm) • Applications: -Measurement of D-Lactate in various tissues/cells/biological fluids -Analysis of D-Lactate in pathological conditions -Mechanistic study of the glyoxalase system

Detection Method: N/A

Sample Type: • Serum, plasma, urine & other body fluids • Animal tissues: liver, muscle, heart, etc. • Cell culture: adherent or suspension cells • Fermentation media • Food

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Applications: N/A

Features & Benefits: • Simple, highly sensitive, and high-throughput adaptable. • The assay kit can detect samples containing as low as 0.1 µM D-Lactate.

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