BioSim™ anti-Tocilizumab (Human) ELISA Kit

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Tocilizumab is a recombinant, humanized, anti-human interleukin 6 (IL-6) receptor monoclonal antibody. Tocilizumab is mainly used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, a severe form of arthritis in children. BioVision’s BioSim™ anti- Tocilizumab ELISA kit is designed to detect antibody against Tocilizumab with high specificity and sensitivity in serum and plasma samples. anti-Tocilizumab ELISA is based on the sandwich ELISA principle. Controls and samples are incubated in the microtiter plate coated with the drug Tocilizumab. After incubation, the wells are washed. Then, HRP conjugated probe is added and binds to Tocilizumab antibodies captured by the drug Tocilizumab on the surface of the wells. Following incubation wells are washed and the bound enzymatic activity is detected by addition of chromogen-substrate. Finally, the reaction is terminated with an acidic stop solution. The color developed is proportional to the amount of Tocilizumab antibodies in the sample or controls. The results can be evaluated with using cut-off value.

Alternate Name: CDF, HGF, HSF, BSF2, IL-6, BSF-2, IFNB2, IFN-beta-2, IL6, IL 6

Tag Line: A Sandwich ELISA kit for the qualitative determination of antibody against Tocilizumab in human serum or plasma.

Summary: N/A

Detection Method: Sandwich ELISA, Absorbance (450 nm)

Sample Type: Plasma,Serum

Species Reactivity: Human

Applications: This ELISA kit is used for in vitro qualitative determination of antibody against Tocilizumab in serum and plasma

Features & Benefits: Cross Reactivity: Tocilizumab infusion camouflages/masks the presence of antibody to Tocilizumab in serum/plasma samples. Therefore, blood sampling time is critical for detection of anti-drug-antibodies. It is convenient to obtain blood sample just before the infusion or at least 2 weeks after the infusion of Tocilizumab. This ELISA kit is used for in vitro qualitative determination of antibody against Tocilizumab in serum and plasma

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