BriteRuler™ Pre-stained Protein Ladder

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~100 applications (2-5 µl per lane)
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gel pack
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24 months
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BioVision’s BriteRuler™ Pre-stained Protein Ladder is a ready-to-use formulation which does not require boiling, contains 10 pre-stained proteins covering a wide range of molecular weights (10-180 kDa) and includes a red reference band at 75 kDa and a green reference band at 25 kDa. The protein ladder is designed for monitoring protein separation during SDS-PAGE, verification of Western blot transfer (PVDF, nylon or nitrocellulose membranes) and for the approximate sizing of proteins. Supplied as a ready-to use formulation in gel loading buffer, the ladder requires no heating, dilution or addition of reducing agents.

Sort Name: BriteRuler™ Pre-stained Protein Ladder

Taglines: Ready to use protein ladder covering a wide range of molecular weights (10-180 kDa)

Product Highlights: • SIZE: ~100 applications (2-5 µl per lane) • VOLUME: 250 µl • FORMULATION: 0.2-0.4 mg/ml of each protein in 20 mM Tris-phosphate, pH 7.5, 2% SDS, 1 mM 2-mercaptoethanol, 3.6 M urea and 15% glycerol. • STORAGE: Store at 25°C for 2 weeks; at 4°C for 3 months; -20°C for 24 months. • QUALITY CONTROL: Tested in SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting

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