EZLys™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent

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A proprietary formulation prepared in a 50 mM Tris pH8.0 buffer and designed for gentle disruption of cell membrane to extract proteins. It provides a simple, rapid, low cost method for releasing expressed target protein for preparation, purification, or other applications. The EZLys™ reagent is an optically transparent, non-denaturing formulation which can be easily removed by dialysis. It is also useful for the preparation of high purity inclusion bodies for subsequent purification. This reagent does not interfere with cross linking and is suitable for use in the BCA or Bradford protein assays. Ideal pH range is pH 5 -10. The 100 ml and 500 ml reagent are sufficient for protein extraction from 25 g and 125 g of cell paste.

Sort Name: Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent, EZLys™

Taglines: A non-denaturing bacterial proteins and inclusion bodies extraction reagent.

Product Highlights: • Kit features- 1) Complete cell lysis without mechanical stress which is tedious and can damage proteins. 2) The extracted proteins are in native, non-denatured form. 3) The reagent does not interfere with down-stream functional testing or protein assays. 4) The reagent can easily be removed by dialysis or spin-column buffer exchange.

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