EZCell™ Direct Glucose Uptake Assay Kit

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Glucose uptake is one of the key processes for cellular glucose metabolism. The study of glucose uptake can provide important information for understanding glucose metabolism and regulation in normal and disease development such as diabetes. BioVision’s EZCellTM Glucose Uptake Assay kit is simple, ultra-sensitive and easy to use. A specific hexokinase inhibitor that inhibits hexokinase, the first enzyme metabolizing glucose in cells is used to arrest glucose consumption after its uptake. Glucose Uptake is measured by using a set of enzymatic reactions that specifically oxidize glucose producing intermediates that react with the OxiRed™ Probe generating a fluorescence signal (Ex/Em=535/587 nm). The fluorescence signal is directly proportional to the amount of glucose that has been taken up and accumulated inside the cells. Unlike other kits detecting glucose derivatives, this glucose uptake assay provides a direct, powerful tool for studying this process as well as for screening and characterization of drugs that regulate glucose uptake during normal and disease development

Alternate Name: N/A

Tag Line: Non-radioactive, Highly Sensitive Assay

Summary: • Detection method- Fluorescence (535/587 nm) • Species reactivity- Mammalian • Application- This easy to use non-radioactive kit is highly sensitive and can detect glucose uptake as low as 5 pmol/well.

Detection Method: Fluorescence (535/587 nm)

Sample Type: Living cells (suspension and adherent)

Species Reactivity: Mammalian

Applications: Non radiactive measurement of glucose uptake in living cells

Features & Benefits: • Simple procedure • Fast and convenient • The assay is easy, non-radioactive, and highly sensitive

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