EZScreen™ Triglyceride Quantification Colorimetric Assay Kit (384-well)

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Triglycerides (TGs) are the main constituent of body fat in humans and animals, as well as vegetable fat. TGs are found as a natural component in human’s blood circulatory system. TGs are composed of one molecule of glycerol and 3 molecules of fatty acids. The metabolism of cholesterol generates fatty acids and glycerol, and both can serve as substrates in metabolic pathways to produce energy. Excess TGs can remain in the body as fatty deposits and that may lead to obesity. Elevated triglyceride levels also increase the risk for heart disease, strokes, and type 2 diabetes.  BioVision’s EZScreenTM Triglyceride Quantification Kit provides a sensitive, easy assay to measure TG concentration in a variety of samples. In the assay, TGs are converted to free fatty acids and glycerol. The released glycerol is then oxidized to generate a product which reacts with a probe to generate a color that can be detected by a spectrophotometer at λ = 590 nm. The method is quantitative, rapid, simple, sensitive, and designed for high throughput format. The kit provides a convenient means for detecting 0.5 to 5 mM Triglycerides in biological samples

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Tag Line: Highly Sensitive, no sample preparation required

Summary: • Detection method- Absorbance (590 nm) • Species reactivity- Mammalian • Applications- The kit detects 0.5-500 µM triglyceride samples

Detection Method: Absorbance (590 nm)

Sample Type: Cell and tissue culture supernatants, urine, plasma, serum, as well as many other biological fluids

Species Reactivity: Mammalians

Applications: The kit can detect 2 pmol-10nmol (or 0.5-5 mM range) of triglyceride in various samples. The kit also detects monoglycerides and diglycerides.

Features & Benefits: • Simple procedure; takes ~40 minutes • Fast and convenient • Kit provides all necessary buffers and reagents for a accurate assay of triglyceride in various mammalian samples

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