PicoProbe™ Inulin Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

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Inulin, not to be confused with insulin, is an indigestible polysaccharide that is found in many plant species, where it serves as an energy storage molecule. The polymer is made up of mostly fructose units, joined primarily by β(2,1) linkages, with glucose as terminal residues. This structure renders inulin indigestible for humans, and as a result, inulin has found use as both a dietary fiber and, as it is freely filtered at the glomerulus, an indicator of renal function. Inulin is typically found in high amounts in foods such as artichoke and jicama, and is also obtained from chicory root, from which the dietary supplement is frequently isolated. As a dietary supplement, inulin is essential for maintaining intestinal health, and is often administered for this purpose. BioVision’s PicoProbeTM Inulin Assay Kit allows determination of inulin content of plant material and can be assayed in biological fluids such as serum. The kit utilizes an enzymatic mechanism through which a fluorescence signal is generated proportional to the amount of inulin present in the sample. This allows the user to quantify levels of inulin down to 10 ng

Alternate Name: N/A

Tag Line: The most sensitive assay that measure Inulin (Fructan)

Summary: • Detection method- Fluorescence (535/587 nm) • Applications-The assay is useful over the range of 50-500 ng of Inulin per sample. • Compatible with various foodstuff samples

Detection Method: Fluorescence (Ex/Em 535/587 nm)

Sample Type: Foods, fruits, fruit juices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paper and some other biological samples

Species Reactivity: NA

Applications: Estimation of Inulin in biological samples

Features & Benefits: • Simple procedure; takes ~ 35-40 minutes • Fast and convenient • The kit provides an accurate assay for measuring inulin in various samples

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