ToxOut™ Rapid Removal Wash Buffer

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50 ml
Set (10x5)
Storage Temperature:
4°C Do not freeze
Shipping Conditions:
gel pack
Shelf Life:
12 months. Expires 2 months after opening
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Endotoxin is the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) complex located in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria. During experimental procedures, large amount of endotoxins are shed and can easily contaminate labware, buffers and downstream products. Therefore, it is critical to remove endotoxin from samples and products. ToxOutTM Rapid Removal Wash Buffer is the endotoxin-free wash buffer containing high concentration of salt for washing BioVision’s ToxOutTM Rapid Endotoxin Removal Agarose after the regeneration procedure. ToxOutTM Rapid Endotoxin Removal Agarose can effectively reduce endotoxins to < 0.05 EU/mL in solutions containing proteins or pharmacologically important components.

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Taglines: 50 ml of Wash buffer for washing BioVision’s ToxOut Rapid Endotoxin Removal Agarose after the regeneration procedure.

Product Highlights: • Wash ToxOut™ Rapid Endotoxin Removal Agarose and spin columns in ToxOut™ Rapid Endotoxin Removal Kit.

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