EZ-Desalt™ Spin Desalting Columns

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BioVision’s EZ-Desalt™ Spin Desalting Column offers a convenient option to quickly desalt, buffer-exchange, or clean-up protein samples in solution. Each of the disposable, ready-to-use, spin desalting column contains 0.5 ml pre-swollen Sephadex G-25 beads, that efficiently separates proteins (or other high molecular weight components) from small molecules (salt and other small molecules such as LMW dyes etc.). Large molecules are too big to enter the pores of the beads and are excluded from Sephadex matrix and are eluted immediately after the void volume of the column, whereas small molecules are retained by the resin, with the cut-off size of about 7 kDa. The whole process takes few min. and achieves an excellent recovery of proteins (>90%), and efficient removal of the salt or unwanted small molecules.

Sort Name: Spin Desalting Column

Taglines: Columns with pre-swollen Sephadex G-25 beads for buffer exchange and desalting of protein samples.

Product Highlights: • Quickly desalt, buffer-exchange, or clean-up protein samples in solution with exceptional (>90%) recovery rate.

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