OryzaExp™ Lactoferrin, Human Recombinant

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Biomolecule/Target: N/A

Synonyms: Recombinant LTF, Plant-derived recombinant lactoferrin

Alternates names: Recombinant LTF, Plant-derived recombinant lactoferrin

Taglines: > 95% pure human recombinant lactoferrin expressed in Oryza Sativa (Rice).

Taglines: USA

Country of Animal Origin: USA

NCBI Gene ID #.: 4057

NCBI Gene Symbol: N/A

Gene Source: Human

Accession #: AAA59511

Recombinant: False

Source: Oryza Sativa (Rice)

Purity by SDS-PAGE #: > 95% by SDS-PAGE


Purity: N/A

Assay #2: N/A

Endotoxin Level: ≤1EU/ug

Activity (Specifications/test method): N/A

Biological activity: N/A

Results: N/A

Binding Capacity: N/A

Unit Definition: N/A

Molecular Weight: 80 kDa

Concentration: N/A

Appearance: Lyophilized powder

Physical form description: N/A

Reconstitution Instructions: Reconstitute in the sterile 0.9% saline or PBS.

Background Information: Lactoferrin (LF), also known as lactotransferrin (LTF), is a globular glycoprotein with a molecular mass of about 80kD, which consists of two highly homologous lobes, designated the N and C lobes. Each LF molecule can reversibly bind two iron molecules. LF functions to transfer iron to the cells and control the level of free iron in the blood and external secretions. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, anti-cancer, anti-allergic and radioprotecting functions and properties. LF can also raise immunocompetence of body.


Handling: Centrifuge the vial prior to opening.

Usage: N/A

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