UltraBrite™ Red IHC chromogen (HRP)

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UltraBrite™ Red IHC Chromogen is a single, highly stable, AEC chromogen/substrate working solution. When used in conjunction with immunoperoxidase detection systems, AEC produces a red colored end product at positive sites, yielding strong contrast when combined with a blue hematoxylin counterstain. AEC has been well accepted among pathologists because it is less chemically hazardous than DAB. Specimens stained using UltraBrite™ Red IHC Chromogen cannot be dehydrated in ethanol and must be mounted in an aqueous-based mounting medium

Sort Name: UltraBrite™ Red IHC chromogen (HRP)

Taglines: Red IHC Chromogen for peroxidase-based immunostaining systems.

Product Highlights: FORM: Liquid STORAGE CONDITIONS: 4°C APPLICATIONS: • IHC • ISH (in situ hybridization)

Label Name: UltraBrite™ Red IHC chromogen (HRP)

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