BioSim™ Secukinumab (Human) ELISA Kit

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Secukinumab is a human IgG1 monoclonal antibody that targets IL-17α and prevents its association with the receptor IL-17R. This results in decreased release of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines and downregulation of inflammation. IL-17 represents a family of cytokines (IL-17 A-F) released by T-helper-17 (Th17) cells, mast cells, neutrophils, and dendritic cells and promotes inflammation. Studies show that IL-17 is associated with multiple autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, spondyloarthritis, psoriasis, Crohn's disease, and multiple sclerosis. The original monoclonal antibody received approval from the FDA to treat plaque psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis. BioSim™ Secukinumab ELISA kit measures free Secukinumab in human serum or plasma with high sensitivity and reproducibility. The kit is based on the Sandwich ELISA principle. Standards and samples (serum or plasma) are added to the microtiter plate coated with the reactant for Secukinumab. After incubation, the wells are washed. The HRP conjugated probe is added and binds to Secukinumab captured by the reactant on the surface of the wells. Following incubation, wells are washed and the enzymatic activity is detected by the addition of TMB chromogen substrate. Finally, the reaction is terminated with an acidic stop solution. The color developed is proportional to the amount of Secukinumab in the sample or standard. The sample results can be determined directly using the standard curve.

Alternate Name: IL17, CTLA8, IL-17, CTLA-8, IL17A

Tag Line: A Sandwich ELISA kit for the Quantitative measurement of free Secukinumab in serum or plasma samples

Summary: N/A

Detection Method: Absorbance (450 nm)

Sample Type: Serum Plasma

Species Reactivity: Human

Applications: The Sandwich ELISA kit is used for in vitro Quantitative determination of free Secukinumab in human serum and plasma samples

Features & Benefits: Sensitivity: 6.25 ng/ml For in vitro Quantitative determination of free Secukinumab in human serum and plasma samples Cross Reactivity: Except for Secukinumab, there is no cross reaction with other therapeutic antibodies and native serum immunoglobins Detection Range: 6.25 - 100 ng/ml

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