EZSolution™ RNase A, Recombinant

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RNase A is an endoribonuclease that specifically cleaves the single strand RNA at the phosphodiester bond between the 5’-ribose of a nucleotide and the 3’ OH phosphate group of an adjacent pyrimidine nucleotide. The highest activity is demonstrated with single stranded RNA. The recombinant enzyme is identical to the native RNase A in amino acid sequence, structure and specifications. At low salt concentrations (0 to 100 mM NaCl), RNase A cleaves single-stranded and double-stranded RNA as well the RNA strand in RNA-DNA hybrids. However, at NaCl concentrations of 0.3 M or higher, RNase A specifically cleaves single-stranded RNA. Precipitation may occur at high concentrations (>10 mg/ml) of the enzyme, The enzyme is inhibited by diethyl pyrocarbonate (DEPC), guanidinium salts, β-mercaptoethanol, heavy metals and RNase-inhibitors. The RNase A has a high affinity to glass surfaces.

Sort Name: EZSolution™ RNase A, Recombinant

Taglines: Animal Origin free, DNAse and Protease free

Product Highlights: Highly stable Animal Origin free DNase, protease and endotoxin free For RNase protection assays and purification of DNA/plasmid

Label Name: EZSolution™ RNase A, Recombinant

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