Human CellExp™ B7-H6, human recombinant

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Biomolecule/Target: NCR3LG1

Synonyms: Natural cytotoxicity triggering receptor 3 ligand 1

Alternates names: B7-H6, Natural cytotoxicity triggering receptor 3 ligand 1, B7H6, B7 homolog 6, NCR3LG1

Taglines: Triggers NCR3-dependent natural killer cell activation.

Taglines: USA

Country of Animal Origin: USA

NCBI Gene ID #.: 374383

NCBI Gene Symbol: NCR3LG1

Gene Source: Human

Accession #: Q68D85

Recombinant: Yes

Source: HEK 293 cells

Purity by SDS-PAGE #: ≥ 98%


Purity: N/A

Assay #2: N/A

Endotoxin Level: < 5 EU/mg

Activity (Specifications/test method): N/A

Biological activity: N/A

Results: N/A

Binding Capacity: N/A

Unit Definition: N/A

Molecular Weight: 80 kDa

Concentration: N/A

Appearance: Lyophilized

Physical form description: Lyophilized from 0.2μm-filtered solution in PBS.

Reconstitution Instructions: Reconstitute in 1X PBS to the desired protein concentration.

Background Information: B7-H6 is a glycosylated member of the B7 family of immune costimulatory proteins. Orthologs in mouse and rat have not been identified. The Ig-like V domain mediates 1:1 stoichiometric binding of B7-H6 to NKp30 expressed on NK cells. It does not show binding to NKp44, NKp46, or NKG2D. Ligation of NKp30 by B7-H6 induces NK cell activation and target cell cytolysis. B7-H6 is expressed on a wide range of hematopoietic, carcinoma, and melanoma tumor cells, which is consistent with the detection of NKp30 binding sites on many tumors. The expression of NKp30 ligands on tumor cells correlates with tumor cell sensitivity to NKp30-dependent cell lysis.

Amino acid sequence: N/A

Handling: Centrifuge the vial prior to opening.

Usage: For Research Use Only! Not to be used in humans

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